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Arafa Driving Academy,  Edappal
Contact Person : 0494 6061818 Phone : K.V. Nasar, Kumar
Mobile : 9747001818 Email :
Website :
Address : Thrissur Road, Edappal
Services : Driving school services
Friends Motor Driving Schooli,  Edappal
Contact Person : Phone : 0494 2684192
Mobile : 9946440068 Email :
Website :
Address : Ponnani Rd. Edappaldi
Services : Driving Training and allied services since 1973
Kuttippuram Driving Schoolifi,  Edappal
Contact Person : 0494 2680291 Phone : Ummer C
Mobile : 9495361238 Email :
Website :
Address : Thrissure Road, Edappal
Services : Driving training services for ladies and gents.
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